Copy of Mohini  Baag | Moissanite Polki Necklace in Gold plated Real Silver set
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Copy of Mohini Baag | Moissanite Polki Necklace in Gold plated Real Silver set

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Custom made classic gold plated real silver Moissanite Polki necklace & earrings set.

Custom design details

1. the main stringing to be the same as shown in the image witch are natural coated faceted moonstone.
2. the ruby beads to replaced with sapphire with two gold beads on either side with alternating between emerald on the next interval and followed by sapphire and so on. this pattern will remain uniform on all the strings
3. the hanging bunch of beads from the pendant to have one sapphire bead with small emerald beads. total of 5 bunch. the same will be repeated on the earrings.
4. fastening of the necklace to be with chain fitting as shared earlier.


Classic moissanite Polki cascading real seed pearl necklace & matching earrings to compliment your special outfit. You will love the elegant style of this kalamkari motif inspired necklace with modern rendering. Semi-precious green emerald coloured gemstone drops add a touch of royal luxurious charm.

These absolutely real looking Indian ethnic style gold plated silver traditional necklace & earrings are carefully handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen in India with years of experience. 

You can treasure Ratnali jewellery silver pieces forever and also pass them down as an heirloom. Why invest in real gold when you can have the same look and feel on silver gold plated jewellery.

With gold prices all-time high, silver is the new gold!

Please allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery for custom orders.

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