Gold Versus Diamond Investment

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Gold versus diamonds


Question is: is it worth spending thousands on real diamond jewellery which will be stacked away in lockers? Jewellery that is set with small diamonds does not have much resale value and not many can afford the big rocks. So wouldn’t it be wise to invest in Gold instead?

The answer to the above would definitely be YES! Gold has high liquidity and can be sold anywhere in the world at a fair price. Gold has appreciated immensely over the last 30 years and has stood its ground, while many other supposedly safe investment options have come and gone.

Author Geoffrey Miller in his book on consumer psychology titled “Spent-sex, Evolution and consumer behaviour writes, Note that for many luxury status symbols, much cheaper fake versions exist. Real diamonds have 1,100 times the cost density of high-quality fake diamonds (cubic zirconia, CZ). Arguably, the diamond buyer is overpaying the De Beers cartel by a factor of a thousand compared with the CZ buyer, for an almost indistinguishable stone.”

He further writes: “There is a rationale behind not spending the amount on real diamonds. Casual observers can’t tell them apart, nor can most pawnshop owners using the standard thermal conductivity tests for distinguishing CZ from a diamond. Only experts may notice the subtle double refractions (birefringence) caused by Moissanite’s hexagonal crystal structure.

 Many parents and individuals window shop the most amazing jewels and only to rethink whether to buy a two bedroom apartment for investment for themselves or their children’s security or that gorgeous diamond necklace for their daughter’s wedding which will ultimately be put away in the safety lockers! Well for most of them former option would be the first choice but some may choose to succumb to the later desire.

However, there can be a huge traditional dilemma when making a choice between gifting your daughter or your daughter-in-law the simulated version of diamond or uncut diamond jewellery which will be worn when the daughter walks the aisle or daughter in-law’s reception day. For this Ratnali jewels has a perfect solution. Gift them the most beautiful pieces of jewellery in simulated diamonds on silver alloy, finished off with 18k gold polish, whatever money that is saved, buy gold bullion or put it away in a safe fund or deposit for their benefit.

We believe that diamond jewellery should not be for the exclusive few and should be an affordable luxury. Ratnali jewels simulated Swarovski element and cubic zirconia simulated diamond jewellery provides the sparkle and allure of quality mined diamonds at an attractive price. Simulated diamond jewellery is the new chic and ethical choice for the conscious confident women of today. If this describes you, then go on.. indulge, spend and sparkle without the guilt!


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